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the eyes have it   Leave a comment


sparkle and sass, brazen and full of life

I look at my little girl and can only smile

her eyes say it all

she is beautiful and full of piss and vinegar.

my Kayla expresses everything through her eyes.



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wishing I was here   Leave a comment

Phi Phi Thailand

Oh how I yearn for the ocean


oh how I wish I was here

San Francisco

the water and sunshine just call to me


and in 9 weeks and 4 days I will finally get to answer and spend a week on the beach

I can’t wait!

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My Lord   Leave a comment


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words to live by   Leave a comment


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coughing, work and where the wild things grow   Leave a comment

ugh, I can’t stop coughing.

not sure what that is about but it needs to stop!
I was coughing a lot during the night as well

I don’t have a cold or sore throat so not sure what the coughing is about


I’m at work again and have my morning chores done except washing windows.
I hate washing windows.
And while it wouldn’t be a bad job IF they stayed clean, around here that is next to impossible.

where the wild things grow just popped into my head when I was putting a title on this blog.

not sure where it came from but ……….there it is.




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