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well I have had a productive day so far

came to work and did my morning chores and then have been outside shoveling snow and putting sand down for the last hour.

happy to say that is done with.


worked up a sweat even though I only had a sweater on.
It is 28 degrees outside, the high for the day

people would ask me if I wasn’t cold.
How do you tell someone, “Nope I am going through menopause and this cold feels pretty damn terrific!”

of course you don’t, because that is too much information but alas….it felt good to me.

now I am sitting here trying to let my face thaw.


I didn’t get any exercising done this week due to a bum knee.

this getting old I tell you.

I have come to realize I am about fifty pounds heavier than I should be.
And while I hate my job it keeps me moving so therefore if I wasn’t working I would probably be a hundred pounds heavier than I should be.
I have given up pop once again.
Haven’t had one in a week and I am giving up milk too although I love it very much
It makes me very bloated and I hate that feeling.

I’m going to give up sugar as well, but I did have a cup of tea yesterday with sugar in it.

so starting today I am going back to using “Splenda” the no calorie sweetener

I want to lose at least 25 pounds before we go to Florida in just under eleven weeks.
more would be better but I’m trying to be realistic.

hopefully I can get back to exercising today.



no reason for this picture other than it is winter in Iowa and Polor Bears remind me of snow.

Posted February 4, 2013 by Marge in heartfelt, ramblings

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