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well Christmas has come and gone.
My eldest child was here for a while and it was great to see her as always.

we didn’t have any heart to heart talks, she still is so very reserved, but it was great seeing her.

My husband again this year did not give me a present.

to say the least it hurts a bit.
I even showed him what I wanted this year and still I got nothing from him.

he said to me on Christmas eve, “We can go after the holidays and you can pick something out when there are sales.”
I said no
For one, I shouldn’t have to go and pick out my own present and for another, Christmas is past now and the whole idea of Christmas is to show your loved ones you love them on that day.

regardless I have said all along, he doesn’t have a romantic bone in his body, so I shouldn’t be disappointed.

and yet I am.

my Christmas present to him is taking him to Florida in April
A gift that costs me almost $2,000

and I get nothing yet again.


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