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I am home alone, my husband had to work this morning.
I know, for someone who is retired, he sure works a lot at his part time job.

Ali is with Emily in Cedar Rapids where she is spending the weekend with her boyfriend and his kids.

This is our weekend not to have the grandkids so it is an open weekend for me.

I hope to see a movie or two but other than that, I am doing laundry and will be cleaning a bit.

It is nice to be home with no one else here.
It is a rarity and I enjoy the peace and quiet.

Don’t get me wrong I love my family but there is seldom a time when I am actually alone
so this is nice.

8 more days (School days) till the kids are out for the rest of the year

I am debating weather or not to take the week between Christmas and New Years off.
It is only three days that I would have to actually work, so I may just work them.
and save the vacation for later next year.
however it is tempting to not have to go into work at all that week.
Still debating it.

I will probably work because I want to go to Arizona late next summer and I will need time for that.

I’m watching a program on TV called “Alaska, The Last Frontier” and it is amazing how interesting it all is.
I love Alaska.
I do hope to visit it one day.

talk about a whole other way of life

but I would love to experience other ways of life.

I think I was a gypsy in a previous life, as much as I dream of being on the road……

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