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Diabetes   2 comments

well I got a letter from my doctor yesterday afternoon saying my blood sugar is way high and she wants me to fast and go back in and do more blood work

I am fasting now and will be at her office in forty five minutes to get blood drawn

I feel like I’m starving.
I know I’m not, but going over fifteen hours without eating is making me feel like I’m starved.

I looked up the symptoms of being a diabetic

irritability is one symptom

so is going to the bathroom often

also stomach issues

gaining or losing weight

pains in the legs and arms

I have every one of these symptoms


this getting older if for the birds I must say

and it is going to be VERY hard for me to give up sugar if I am diabetic

VERY hard

but if it makes me feel better, than I should thank the Lord they have medicine to take care of it.


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