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I’m only working four hours today because I have a doctor’s appointment this afternoon.

granted it isn’t till two thirty but for some reason my work thinks it makes more sense to have me take four hours of sick time for an appointment that I could take one hour off at the end of the day to go to.

but nope, they force me to take four hours and then they have to send someone to cover my job

I know, it doesn’t make any sense.

but who am I to argue?

I will go finish up my Christmas shopping and treat myself to lunch and just enjoy the time off.


Not sure what the back doctor will say.
For the most part I would say I am seventy-five percent better than I was before the epidural

however yesterday I didn’t take any Tylenol, just to see how bad it all is and I have to say it is not pretty

I was in a lot of pain by the end of the day

so much so that I couldn’t sleep

so I got up at eleven pm and took Tylenol and am in a functional mode today


The ocean and warm weather is calling me.
I wish I could answer……


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