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another busy weekend in store   1 comment

These weekends are so busy of late, I can’t hardly believe it.

Tonight I am meeting my sister Cyndi to go to a movie.
Tomorrow my eldest daughter will be in town so we will meet her somewhere with the other kids

Tomorrow night I get my girls over night

and Sunday we are going to “Breaking Dawn Part 2” with my son Brian and his family.

Monday I am getting an epidural, so I won’t be at work, so that day should be a bit more peaceful.
Tuesday is the last day of school before Thanksgiving and then I work Wednesday here all by myself and will be rocking out with my tunes as I clean

Thursday is Thanksgiving already!
Friday we have the girls again while their mother does the after Thanksgiving craziness that a lot of women do on black Friday.
And their father will be working so…

it is go, go, go……..

Happy Friday everyone!

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need a change of ….   Leave a comment

okay I’m not in a bad mood, I am just sick of this job and being here.
Why can’t I be rich?
damn it!

I told my sister the other day that I am going to work really hard on getting my dept paid off and quit this job by the time I am 55.

that gives meΒ  3 years and six months to do it in.

there should be no reason what so ever that I can’t do it.

And I’m not even saying I won’t work some where because I imagine I will.
But it will be part-time

I need to start enjoying life more, and working at this job cleaning up after slobs is not my idea of a good job

although it does pay well.


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today’s thoughts   Leave a comment

and while it all isn’t perfect it is quite good.

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hoping for answers   Leave a comment

so I go to the back doctor today.
I am quite sure, we will discuss my aches and pains and he will look at my back and then set up an appointment in the next day or two for another MRI and then after that comes back he will set up another appointment to actually give me the cortisone shot.
I do hope I can get some pain meds today.

I was up for a few hours last night with the pain, and I got to thinking if I had to describe the pain to my doctor what would I say…….

so here is what it feels like

When I am laying in bed, no matter what position I am in, something hurts.
usually it is my right lower back and hip

it feels like someone is squeezing it tightly, literally pinching me so tightly that it aches

and in addition to that, I feel like someone is taking a pizza cutter and running it up and down my leg on the outside, the full length from my hip to my ankle

and then to top it off, I get pain in my left knee and ankle.

occasionally I will go to straighten my left leg and my knee will pop and that causes a lighting bolt of pain too

add a bit of spasms in my right thigh in the front and down my shin to my right foot and that about covers it all.

occasionally I get aches in my elbows and wrists while just laying there as well.

I can only imagine it is all linked to a pinched nerve.

I was told once that I have a crooked spine.

I am beginning to wonder if that is part of my problem………..


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what’s in a name   Leave a comment

I was born Marjorie, but for the last fifteen or twenty years, I have shortened it to Marge, because 95% of people call me Marge


I have noticed however that some still don’t.
My brother-in-law and his girlfriend both called me Marjorie yesterday

it sounds so weird to hear someone say it.

my brother generally calls me Marjorie too.

and every now and then I hear my husband talk to someone and he will say my name Marjorie when he is talking about something we talked about.

Just seems a bit strange to me, when someone calls me by my full name.
Even my sister Kathy did yesterday in a blog.

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The blahs   Leave a comment

that is me today, one big blah.

not really but I really hate Monday’s, except those I don’t have to work.

It is much colder today and it definitely feels like winter in on our door steps

but it is November 12th so….it had to come sooner or later.

Happy Monday one and all!

(no reason for the picture other than I like pretty pictures)

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temps today are falling………..   Leave a comment

it is beautiful out right now.
Low 60’s but it is going to start raining and the temps are going to keep falling until we get to the low thirties before night fall.

and it will be raining all day.

I love days like this and honestly 60 degrees is way too warm for the 11th of November.

on a different note
Leo DiCaprio is 38 today.

he is of course my favorite actor so …..
I do wish him a great day doing something wonderful for him.

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grand daughter day   Leave a comment

I took the day off of work because it is parent teacher conference day and there was no reason for me to be there.

so I had Keira and Kayla today.
Keira was sick so she stayed home from school.

it was a busy day…filled with little projects and time spent with my darling girls.

it went fast and now the weekend truly begins.

another busy one as always

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some day   Leave a comment

some day when the world is perfect maybe there won’t be so much anger and hatefulness.

maybe people can live in peace and just be happy without finding things to complain about.

Obama won the presidency, people need to get over it.

let it go man!
Maybe in four years the person you want to win and be the President of the United States will happen.
I personally already know who I am going to vote for.
She just has to run.

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HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY   Leave a comment

Today the sun is shining on America!
Obama wins the election!
Thank God!
It actually brought tears to my eyes when I heard on CNN that Obama had won!
I was scared to death for this country if Romney had been voted in.

But God answered my prayers once again.
Thank you Lord for all the blessings you have given me.

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