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what’s in a name   Leave a comment

I was born Marjorie, but for the last fifteen or twenty years, I have shortened it to Marge, because 95% of people call me Marge


I have noticed however that some still don’t.
My brother-in-law and his girlfriend both called me Marjorie yesterday

it sounds so weird to hear someone say it.

my brother generally calls me Marjorie too.

and every now and then I hear my husband talk to someone and he will say my name Marjorie when he is talking about something we talked about.

Just seems a bit strange to me, when someone calls me by my full name.
Even my sister Kathy did yesterday in a blog.

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The blahs   Leave a comment

that is me today, one big blah.

not really but I really hate Monday’s, except those I don’t have to work.

It is much colder today and it definitely feels like winter in on our door steps

but it is November 12th so….it had to come sooner or later.

Happy Monday one and all!

(no reason for the picture other than I like pretty pictures)

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