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I’m struggling today with my youngest child and her mood swings and unhappiness.

she treats me like I am a child and she is hateful and a real challenge to be around.

I know she is unhappy and can’t get past that but she needs to talk to someone and get on depression medicine because she is really unpleasant.

I struggle with her inability to be compassonate and caring to people.

instead she is ugly and hateful and just a bitch.

Dear Lord help her and help me find the patience to deal with her when she is like this.

it is in your son Jesus Christ’s name I pray


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sad news   1 comment

My husband got told last night that his cousin, whom we haven’t seen or talked to in probably fifteen years,  just found out she has stage 4 stomach cancer and the doctors give her 6 months to live.
It is quite sad.
I do think she is only 48 years old.
My cousin died of stomach cancer many years ago and while they gave her six months to live, I think she only lasted three.

My heart goes out to this woman.


Posted November 1, 2012 by Marge in family, heartfelt, ramblings