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and the water flows……   Leave a comment


it rains quite a bit here of late

not enough to make the Iowa River full again but every day it seems to want to rain at least a bit.

Today they are saying it is supposed to get to 75 and be muggy.

I hate muggy weather.

but by Thursday it will start to be more like fall again.

so this is the last hurrah before the temperatures get to where they are supposed to be.

(this picture was taken in down town Estes Park Colorado last year.  Isn’t it pretty?  )

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being in that frame of mind   Leave a comment

I’ve come to realize of late I have been a bear.

for all my outpouring claims of being a positive person, I have I am ashamed to say, been the exact opposite.

my sister pointed it out to me, be even before she did, I was aware that I was not at my best.

I don’t like to think that I am depressed, although since it runs in my family I am quite certain it is possible.

I was just in a funk.

I need to get back into that right frame of mind.

that feel good, glad I am alive frame of mind.

So what if no one appreciates me or loves me like I yearn to be loved…..

God is my everything and through Him, I can endure it all.
I just must remember that.

Happy Monday one and all!

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unfelt   Leave a comment

not sure if that is even a word “Unfelt”  ??
but it is how the situation stands of right now.

detached, uncommunicative….unfeeling……


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talking it out   Leave a comment

there is a  problem , I’m not going to go in to it, but there is one.
I know I need to talk this out, with the other person

it is like we are on two different channels of late

maybe tonight I will suggest to this person that we go out for supper just the two of us and discuss this.

something needs to change.

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walking down memory lane   Leave a comment

I go walking down memory lane, cuz I know I will be running into you.

reminiscing through the pain and recalling all the things we use to do

even though I know I will be heading down heart-break avenue

I’ll go walking down memory lane cuz I know I will be running…….into you………


This song is stuck in my head…..


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a moment of peace   Leave a comment

sometimes words aren’t needed at all

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Someday   Leave a comment

so I have decided I need to be here.  standing right here in this spot at Denali National Park in Alaska.

some day……..
I will be here.

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check it out   2 comments

I wish there was some way to mesh this two blogs.
I am finally able to get back on the womanofroyce blog but it seems silly to write in both places.

so check it out if you want to read me from a few years ago.

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anchor on   Leave a comment

so last week my younger sister told me I needed to be upbeat and happier.

I thought it strange at the time because I have always considered myself upbeat and happy.

however her saying that to me got me to realize that I wasn’t being upbeat and happy.

I was choosing to be unhappy and crabby.

so I decided from that moment on to try and be happier.

for the most part it has worked.

sometimes it literally takes a great effort on my part, but I know it can be done.
I must just look at all the good in my life and not dwell on the bad.
I also much realize that just because I want something doesn’t mean I NEED it.

and there lies a big difference in the two.

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Too cute   Leave a comment

usually I have the Monday blahs.
But today I don’t mind being here.
Not sure why…..
It usually means I will have my Monday on Tuesday when I don’t mind being here on a Monday

at work I mean.

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