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something I would like to do   4 comments

I would like to take off and go on an adventure by myself.

I would like to just be somewhere completely alone and find the real me.

find what I am made of.

The movie “Cast Away” reminds me of what I would like to do.

to be stranded on a desert island and to have to fend for myself.

I think it would definitely make a person realize what they are made of.

I don’t know if there are places where a person can go off on their own and just exist.

maybe I should check into it.


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and the water flows……   Leave a comment


it rains quite a bit here of late

not enough to make the Iowa River full again but every day it seems to want to rain at least a bit.

Today they are saying it is supposed to get to 75 and be muggy.

I hate muggy weather.

but by Thursday it will start to be more like fall again.

so this is the last hurrah before the temperatures get to where they are supposed to be.

(this picture was taken in down town Estes Park Colorado last year.  Isn’t it pretty?  )

Posted October 23, 2012 by Marge in ramblings