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the power of positive thinking   Leave a comment

My sister Kathy and I tend to vent to each other about our unhappiness or the down days we have.

she wrote me earlier saying she is working hard on being happier and more content with her life.

I need to do that too.

I hate my job, but it is a means to an end.

it gets me the things I want in life.

it pays very well and I get weekends and holidays off.

and I know I am fortunate to just have a job when so many don’t.

I am blessed with healthy children and grandchildren

my children are happy and content for the most part and that is a big weight off of my heart to know they are.

my husband is healthy and he loves me.

I have my Heavenly Father and I have siblings whom I love and treasure and enjoy spending time with.

I am a blessed woman

And I know this.

I just have to get out of the negative zone I have been in lately.

things could always be worse, and as my sister Kathy said, a change would not mean it would be a better change.

it could be worse……..

so I need to open the door of contentment and close out the negative door that keeps me in a bad mood.




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