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why is it so hard to tell the honest truth?
I know why I have a hard time doing it, because I don’t want to hurt the person I care about.

but in all honesty, isn’t being untruthful, just as painful?
not for them of course because they are clueless…..but if they only knew……the honest truth… would hurt them….

I would rather be straight forward and told the God honest truth, warts and all, then being led to believe something that just isn’t true….

no one wants to look like a fool.

and still……telling the truth is sometimes one of the hardest things to do……..

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my thought for today   Leave a comment

I can’t endlessly be someone’s rock, if there is no rock for me

I’ve suddenly gotten to the point in my life where I have realized if there isn’t someone there to nurture me, I can’t nurture them

and I wonder, when did he give up?
and why?

we are no longer a team, but two separate souls living this life…..

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not enough hours in my weekend   Leave a comment

the weekend went by so fast and here it is Monday morning again.

how I love my weekends.

we had the girls over night Saturday night but they went to their other grandfather’s birthday party and didn’t get to our house till ten forty five Saturday night.

we slept in till eight thirty, got up, ate breakfast and then came into work to do the building check.

we got back home by eleven twenty and their mother came and got them at noon.

so needless to say that was a very short time with them.

Aaron is back with his father now for a week so I won’t see him again till next weekend.

I spent hours going through books and giving them to good will.

I bet I gave them over 200 books, and while I thought about having a garage sale and putting the books in it, that is just too much of a hassle.

I don’t want to even think about the money I spent on these books.


I need to keep using my nook book and that way I don’t collect so many actual books.


The weather is cooler and crisp every morning but the leaves are exceptional and the days are pretty.

I love fall.



Hope every one had a great weekend.


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