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paradise   Leave a comment

put me right here.

this is a place of beauty

I think it is in Hawaii, but I’m not quite sure.

where ever it is, I want to be here.


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gentle promise   Leave a comment

walk with me through this field of beauty, stand close and hold me tight.

kiss me and promise me forever….and everything in my world will feel right.

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my brother’s first wife Joann, is in this picture above

Joann is a free spirit

she does what she wants and goes where she wants to go and ventures out of her comfort zone to do what pleases her.
I envy her.

She has told me in so many words that it is “ME” that keeps me rooted where I am and not out living the life I want to live, like she does.

I would love to just be a carefree spirit like she is.
But I don’t feel that I can.
I have responsibilities and obligations that keep me grounded.
Not only to my husband but to my children and grandchildren.

and while Joann has children and grandchildren she still takes care of her wants and needs first.

My family is my world

I can’t see uprooting their worlds just to take care of my needs.

There is a huge part of me that wants to put me first and explore this country the way Joann is.
But there is the other part of me that can’t break free and hurt or disappoint my loved ones.

so I live through Joann and all the things she conquers.

and go on envying her.

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another quote to make us think   Leave a comment

Your suffering comes from needing things to be different.  When you stop that, than your suffering stops.  You can want things, but it is the needing that must go


By Dr.Wayne W. Dyer

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