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I was re-reading blogs from earlier this week and I find it funny in a strange sort of way how negative and down I am at the beginning of the week and how upbeat I get the closer the week comes to an end.
today I am ecstatic.
In three hours and twenty minutes my weekend starts.

I’m going to meet my sister Kathy for lunch and then go and pick up my precious girls from school and day care and spend some time with them this afternoon.

the weather is incredibly beautiful

low 70’s is perfection to me.

my sister Kathy said she couldn’t go anywhere this fall because she is saving up her time for around her birthday

I wrote my youngest sister and asked her if she wanted to go just her and I for a long weekend.
I will anxiously wait her reply.


even if I don’t go anywhere I am going to make a few changes to hopefully get myself out of this funk.
First and foremost is exercising and cutting all sugar and fat out of my diet.

exercise and exercise and excercise some more.

Oh I know I will never be super thin again but I would like to lose this sixty pounds I am carrying that makes me look like I am 71 instead of 51


Happy Friday!


Posted September 14, 2012 by Marge in heartfelt, ramblings

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