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how to find my true self   Leave a comment

I’m reading this article on the web that says how to find your true self

in this article Jonathan suggests you take yourself away from any and all family members, co workers, and be alone.
Next get rid of cell phones, TV’s and computers

as you are standing there all alone, who are you?

he continues by saying “if that question leaves you scratching your head, you are not alone”

this author Jonathan says to find your “Inner self” you have to disconnect from everything you have known so far.


I find this fascinating and would love to do it.
Just so I could find “Me” again.

who am I on a deeper personal level?
who am I?
Not counting being a mother and a wife and a grandmother, or sister

Who am I?
I need to find out, because a lot of the time I feel lost and unhappy…..

not sure how everyone around me would feel about me disconnecting for a while, but I feel the need to do it.

because I feel rather lost…..and want to be found again.

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feeling the itch   Leave a comment

I would love to be sitting in this boat and seeing this incredible sky

I’m feeling the itch to plan another vacation.

I would love to go some place in October or December.

I would love to go with my two younger sisters either to Tennessee in October or Arizona in December.

not sure it would happen though as I don’t know if the one has time off of work or if the other’s husband would approve her being gone.

still I am yearning to travel again.
May is just too far away……….for the big trip out West, that I have planned.


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