wasted days and wasted nights   Leave a comment

yep you got it, I am in a funk

if you don’t want to hear about it I suggest you stop reading now.

I am down and blue

partly due to this job that I detest and the other part is I want to runaway as far as I can and not have any demands on me.

the only problem with that is I would miss my grandchildren too much

like I told my sister I would miss my kids too but they don’t need me anymore and they all have their own lives.


I feel like I am wasting away


physically of course I am over weight and need to lose sixty pounds

but I use food as my comfort

for my boredom, for my unhappiness, for my feelings of helplessness

basically for everything.

I’ve been looking for quick fixes and that only puts a band aide on the real problem

which is I am unhappy and need to find something to make me happy again.

right now I have no idea what that is………..



Posted September 10, 2012 by Marge in heartfelt, ramblings

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