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in the pre light of dawn

my mind wakes up

I search for the reason

I long for a different season

I wonder what it is in me

that makes me want to flee?

I often find myself adrift

and yet am scared at what I would learn to miss

I’m mixed up, screwed up, basically losing my mind

I have nowhere to search, no reason,

I want to run away

but I know trouble would follow me

I am my mother’s daughter

and that should be enough peace for me

and yet the desire to take off and go

makes me want to force myself to stay grounded

so many people count on me so……

while I want to run, to seek to search to find…..

that person inside of me…..I no longer recognize

I stay because it is expected

I stay because of fear

and yet tomorrow when I wake up

I will wonder

what in the hell am I doing here?

Posted September 6, 2012 by Marge in heartfelt, ramblings