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rain rain please come and visit us   Leave a comment

   I saw a bit of lightning this morning on my way into work and maybe a minute of a good soft rain.

however it was very brief and we so badly need the rain.

I wish it would rain for the next four days, a soft gentle rain that the ground could absorb and then it would be good enough that the sun could shine again next Monday

of course ideally if it rained every night while we slept, a soft gentle rain, and was sunny during the day,  that would be awesome as well.

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4 weeks from today   Leave a comment

Four weeks from today we will be Florida bound for the last time in a long time.
We have gone to Florida so much that I think it is time to forget that state and move on to the many others we haven’t seen.

my husband loves Florida, or should I say he loves the Florida coastline

I keep telling him there are other beaches and other coastlines but he loves Florida.
Probably because it is familiar and he knows it fairly well

I however would love to travel up the eastern coastline and do the same to the western coastline as well, he however doesn’t see that as anything too exciting to do.

but I think the 8 times we have been to Florida (this trip in 4 weeks will be the 8th time)

is enough

and I don’t plan on returning to it for years to come.

My next big trip with be to the Grand Canyon in Arizona next May.
With or without my husband.
I have wanted to go for a few years now but he doesn’t have any interest in going.
So this May I will either go with him or see if one of my sister’s wants to join me.

no Arizona isn’t going anywhere but it is time to broaden our horizons and find new adventures instead of going back to the same place over and over again.

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Dry   Leave a comment

I can’t write.
I have tried and tried and it has been months since I was able to do anything productive with my writing.

I hate it.
I so love to write and feel exceptionally great when it is like the words just flow from my finger tips.

but alas….it is fleeting.

I can’t find the will to write even when I so badly want to.


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too hot to think   Leave a comment

I am not crazy about this hot and humid weather.

probably because I am fifty pounds heavier than I should be so it bothers me more.

at any rate, I am not too happy about this heat.

but it is summer and that is what we expect here in Iowa in the summer.


and tomorrow is supposed to be worse.


at least it is hump day and that means two more days of this week.


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Home sweet home   Leave a comment

I am home again and while I love my home and the people in it, I miss Colorado already.
Not the drive there or back but the state itself.


I got to see all four grandchildren so that was incredibly enjoyable

Hate the thought of going back to work tomorrow but I don’t have a choice so……guess I will have to deal with it.

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Rocky Mountain National Park   Leave a comment

 Rick and I went to Rocky Mountain National Park today

it is such a beautiful park and of course my pictures don’t do it justice

    a nice young man took a picture of Rick and I

it was great fun and I love Colorado!

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Estes Park   Leave a comment

We made it to Estes Park today

it is beautiful here but very hot
of course it doesn’t feel as hot as it would in Iowa because they only have a 3% humidity with this heat and we always have a lot of humidity and awful high humidity percentage

Unfortunately there is two fires here

one north of Estes Park and one very close and west of us
It so happens the road we were going to travel on tomorrow to get to Rocky Mountain National Park, is closed due to the fire on the west.

I do hope they can get it out and we can make the trip tomorrow

I know that sounds selfish of me doesn’t it?

There has already been 191 homes destroyed by this fire.
It is horrible

I feel awful for those people and for all those firefighters who are constantly battling these horrible fires.


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