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the rearview mirror and me   Leave a comment

I have read many quotes about forgetting about the past

One is “Don’t look back, you aren’t going that way”
another is “How can you hold on to anything if your hands are full of all of yesterday’s junk?”

looking in my rearview mirror there are several things I would change.
but I can’t change them so really there is no point in thinking about them.

the point is to move on, look to the future and bask in the wonderful life you have now.

And I do have a pretty good life.
I make decent money, I have a job, I have four beautiful healthy children and four beautiful grandchildren

my children are all with people they love and want to make lives with.

my siblings are all well

and my husband is healthy and he loves me.
what more does anyone need?

Oh I could be 50 pounds thinner but let’s face it I am lazy and I like my food.
I could be richer, but really what do I need?
There are things I want, but I don’t need them

I have everything thing I need.
I am a very blessed woman

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