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it is finally Friday!

I have a fairly busy weekend planned

spending a lot of time with my grandson who we will have all day tomorrow and tomorrow night while my daughter is with her boyfriend.

also we will have a cook out on Sunday for Father’s day

I’m sure the grandkids will swim since it will be nice and hot and humid.

Train ride is this Sunday too and I hope Aaron enjoys it.
He so loves trains, but is starting to really become fascinated with Airplanes as well.

of course tomorrow will be filled with grocery shopping, cooking things for Sunday’s lunch, doing laundry and cleaning.

and before I know it the weekend will be gone again

Next weekend I will have a four-day weekend but if the fires are still bad in Colorado I doubt very much if we will go there.

I told my husband we should go to Niagara Falls instead but for some reason he has an aversion to the East Coast unless it is Florida???

Happy Friday and everyone have a great weekend!

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