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depression revisited   Leave a comment

it latches on, it sticks around.

it refuses to budge

and it is painful to see someone I love filled with depression

nothing I say or do can make this person realize they have the world in the palm of their hand and can do or be anything.

but that is the problem with depression they can’t see past their own pain.

how I hate depression!

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wishing   Leave a comment

wishing I was here

wishing life was easier

wishing my loved ones could be happier

wishing doesn’t do any good I realize, but I still wish things could work out for those I love.

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another cute one   Leave a comment

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thoughts for the day   Leave a comment

Happiness is the realization of God in the heart.

Happiness is the result of praise and thanksgiving, of faith, of acceptance:

a quiet tranquil realization of the love of God

White Eagle

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curious   Leave a comment

is it normal do you think to fall in and out of love with my husband?
sometimes I feel like my heart overflows with love for him and then other times I can hardly stand the sight of him!

Talk about weird!

Sometimes he rattles on and I am thinking “do I really have to listen to this?”
and other times if he gets called out to work or goes on a business trip and he isn’t in bed beside me snoring I miss him something awful!

I wonder, am I the only woman who feels this way?
or do other women (or men if you are reading this)
fall in and out of love with their spouses?
Don’t get me wrong, I always love him
but sometimes I feel like we are best buddies rather than husband and wife.

Does any of this make sense?

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I need some new pictures   Leave a comment

  I often let a picture in my album inspire what I want to write about

guess I need some new pictures because all the photos I have, seemed to have been used a time or two (Or 10)

Guess I need to go picture hunting on the web.
and see what I can find

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soothing calmess   Leave a comment

this picture soothes me

just staring at it

I can’t explain it, just something about it brings me a peace

am I strange or what?

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who am I?   Leave a comment

this is one of the questions on this self help article I was reading.
And it takes a bit of pondering.

who am I besides a mother and grandmother and wife and sister?
I have very few friends

so who am I?

I am a kind, considerate, compassionate person

I don’t make friends easily and don’t put myself out there to make friends

I wouldn’t say I am shy but I am not outgoing either.

I detest inconsiderate people

I hate being around people who make scenes

I loathe lying

I love to help people until they start expecting me to help them, than I won’t do it anymore.

No one should expect anything from someone else especially when they are doing it out of the kindness of their heart.

I can’t stand being around someone who is so full of themselves that they can do nothing but talk about themselves and or their problems.

I try not to be too judgemental because I hate when people judge or label me.

I have dreams and ambitions  for myself that will probably never be filled due to circumstances that I need to meet for my loved ones.

I hate change

I lack any real self-confidence

( a huge part of myself would love to go to college but at 51, what would be the point?)

I hate snakes, bees, wasps, bats or any kind of insect that keeps me from enjoying being outside  

I hate  mice or rats

I would love to learn to master the art of horse back riding and not be scared of it

I would love to climb Mt. Everest but would be completely content standing at base camp and looking up at it.

I would love to learn to fly an airplane

I would love to learn to play a piano and guitar well.

I can be extremely lazy

does any of this make up who I am?
I don’t know….

but it is something for me to think about.

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shake it up!   Leave a comment

I have become with bored with my life.

I do the same thing day in and day out and it is BORING!
I have been reading this article on doing things to challenge myself.

they suggest you do something completely different

to set a new goal.

to find time for something completely off the mark of what normal life would be.

so I am going to have to think about it and figure out something I can do for myself that is out of the box.

out of my comfort zone.

and do it.
Shake it all up a bit.

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