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something I need to remember   Leave a comment

I tend to give advice even when it isn’t wanted.
I need to remember to let my children live their lives in the way they want to and back off on the advice.

Now I just have to learn to do it.


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things call to me   Leave a comment

I love certain things.  Like these picture of trees, I just love them

something about it calls to me

  Roses call to me

  sunrises and sunsets call to me

mountains call to me

Utah calls to me

The ocean calls to me

Thomas Kinkaid’s paintings call to me

there are some things I just love to look at and see.

Aside from my grandchildren and children that is.


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in the off chance   Leave a comment

there is a slight chance we may get some rain and thunder storms later today.

I don’t need the storms but we sure do need the rain.


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I so love a pretty picture   Leave a comment

and Keefers has a lot of them


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if   1 comment

I love this picture. I took it from something my sister had written.

it is beautiful and tranquil and I wish I was on this boat.

if I had the money and time I would learn how to sail.
I think it would be great fun to take a boat out on the ocean water.

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I often have nothing to say   Leave a comment

 lately I let a picture provide me with what I want to say in a blog.

but I find answering emails any more is almost a tedious job I don’t want.
I often have nothing to say.

I mean my sister Kathy and I usually email once a day, but lately she has been emailing more often and I find myself searching for things to write about.

I live a very boring life.

work and home is my existence except when I have the grandchildren.

I mean I clean, I do laundry, I watch TV, I read, I work in my yard etc…..but really I don’t do anything more than anyone else does, with the exception of my grandchildren
Kathy doesn’t have any yet.

So while I love to hear from her and my other siblings and friends…..I find it hard to write an email without repeating myself over and over.


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south bound   Leave a comment

9 weeks from today my husband and I will be south bound again.

heading to Florida for what I am thinking will be the last time for several years.
my husband loves going to Florida and while I enjoy it, as I have said a time or two before, there are so many other places to see.

I know it is exactly 9 weeks, because my husband is retiring, 9 weeks from yesterday.
And he told me last night it was 9 weeks.
Not looking forward to it, is he?

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thoughts while driving into work   Leave a comment

it is seventy degrees out, or was at five thirty this morning when I left home to drive the 20 miles into work.

while I was driving, for some odd reason I was thinking about driving in the snow.

and how much nicer it is to drive with a window open and not have layers of clothes on and driving in snowy icy conditions.

not sure why driving in the snow popped into my mind this morning…..

maybe I am just weird.

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to have this talent   Leave a comment

I know I have written about this before, but to be able to paint like this.

oh what a talent.
I so love Thomas Kinkade’s work

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more thoughts   Leave a comment

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