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Hawaii anyone?   Leave a comment

  My sister said she is trying to talk her son into moving to Hawaii.
Wouldn’t that be awesome to live in paradise all year-long?!

I would be visiting her at least once a year if she moved to Hawaii.


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we need some rain   Leave a comment

I was outside yesterday afternoon for nearly forty-five minutes watering my flowers and trees.
We need the rain

  a good old thunderstorm would be awesome!

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today’s quote   Leave a comment

Deep abiding joy is available to anyone who learns the secret of pursuing every task with energy and dedication as though it were a calling

Thomas Kinkade

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frustrated   Leave a comment

this saying is oh so true, but I have to tell you my children frustrate the hell out of me at times.
My youngest daughter is going through some emotional stuff right now and she ignores my text messages and or an emails, but if she needs me to watch her son so she can go take a forty-five minute shower, or give him a bath so she doesn’t have to, she jumps at the chance of needing me there.

but not when I want to ask her something.

darn brat anyway.

I love my children so very much, but sometimes they are just plain rude and self-centered.

and I didn’t raise them that way!

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Easy living……Easy loving you   Leave a comment

My new favorite Miranda Lambert song is titled above

it is a song on her newest cd, not something she has released as a single, although I do hope she does release it so it can be played on the radio

it goes like this

the weather man says rain today, we’ll saddle up and be on our way

what’s a little rain for a high riding rebel or two?
cause it’s easy living, easy loving  you

People keep searching for a reason why

they say life’s a bitch and then you die

but I can’t see a reason for their point of view

cause it’s easy living easy loving you


talk shows talking how it’s near the end

of the one man woman and the one woman man

we might fight like dogs but hey

we love the making up at the end of the day

tomorrow that old sun will rise, I’ll be laying here by your side

coffee cup and a good morning kiss or two

cause it’s easy living easy loving you

You really can’t get the tune from this so I suggest you go to my music blog site to listen to it

and that is


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