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I am beginning to think I don’t need to get up in the middle of the night with my dog Max anymore.
When I do get up with him and take him outside, he sits there and grooms himself, or rolls around in the grass or just walks around like he has all the time in the world.

and I tell him often “Max go potty” and he takes his time about it.

I usually let him go four hours in between potty times. 
And then Sunday night I went five
last night I went six and one would think if he had been in his kennel for six hours, he would really have to go to the bathroom right?
I sat out there for over six minutes at three thirty am this morning waiting for him to go to the bathroom.

this makes me think he could have waited the other hour until I got up for the day to let him outside??

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whisper to me softly, three words upon my ear

hold me close don’t let me go, be forever near

hmmmm……feels so right


this song keeps running through my head.

not sure why

it is old and I haven’t heard it in ages.

but since it is there stuck in my brain I will write it down.


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may your day be filled with sunshine and roses, may you have everything you need.  May you have a shoulder to cry on if you need it and may you always bask in the love of our Lord.

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 this one is somewhere in California

I missed out on seeing the solar eclipse.

from the pictures it looked magnificent!

I heard a total eclipse will be in 2017 and a partial one in 2014

hopefully I will get to see one of those, but until then I will enjoy someone else’s pictures.

this one was in Albuquerque New Mexico
this is what it looked like in the Philippines
and another picture from California
Beautiful isn’t it?

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Harmony is pure love, for love is complete agreement

Lope de Vega

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