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The special man in my life   Leave a comment

he brings me such joy and I adore him so much


These are a few of his pictures taken for the special occasion of turning 2.

I am so in love with this child.
Aaron Xavier Reinhardt.


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already   1 comment

I have hurt my back already today.

there are hundreds of books that need to be taken to the basement and I keep getting told someone is going to come and help me move them.
Well no one has shown up yet and my back is unable to take the abuse of moving so many books.

I was told to leave them and someone would come and move them.

I was told that on Thursday.
Here it is Monday and no one has shown up.

hate when people say they are going to do something and then don’t do it.

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out of the little box of joy today   Leave a comment

A garden is a lovesome thing!

Thomas Edward Brown

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