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live it up   Leave a comment

take each step like it is your last

make those dreams into reality

and live like today is the last day of your life

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I miss her   Leave a comment

my sister Linda has been gone for seven months and two days now and I miss her.
Sometimes more than others.
Today I miss her a lot.
Maybe missing her isn’t the exact word since I didn’t see her at all when she was alive.

the last time was 20 years ago, except for the night she died.

I regret so much with her.
I wish I had put forth the effort to be a better sister to her.

I know they say hindsight is 20/20  and I do know I can’t do anything to change the past.

but I do miss her.
And I miss all the chances we could have had together but didn’t take because neither one put for the effort to try.

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The power of positive thinking!   Leave a comment

      I am going to diligently try and work hard on this diet starting in the morning.

I want to be at least 25 pounds thinner before my husband and I go to Florida in 10 and a half weeks.

I must get some of this weight off.
I am quite tired of being over weight.

I must be diligent!
I MUST!!!!

(stay tuned)

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Friendship   Leave a comment

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learning to let go   Leave a comment

the struggles my daughter is going through hits home in this saying.

the young man she wants to grow old with and raise her child and hopefully more children with needs to grow up and learn to let the past stay in the past.

the one she loves, can’t give her what she wants and needs

so she struggles every day with what she should or shouldn’t do.

I try to help, but I know deep down as does she, that only she can make the decision.

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if only   Leave a comment

if only I could use this excuse to not go to work.

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sometimes I need reminded of this   Leave a comment

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Mother’s day   Leave a comment

the heart of who I am, the person I have come to be, all of it revolves around my being a mother.

I am the mother of four beautiful children

the grandmother of four beautiful children.

I am a truly blessed woman.

And I have a funny story to tell

this morning my grand-daughter Keira and I went for a walk and she said to me “Papa told me to tell you Happy Mother’s Day but you are not my mom, so I don’t understand why I have to say it to you”
I took her hand and said “You didn’t have to say it, but think of it this way, I am your dad’s mom, so without me giving birth to your dad you wouldn’t be here”

and she said “Yes but my mom is here so she still would have had me.”
I smiled and said “yes she would have, but you wouldn’t be who you are right now”
She looked at me strangely
I said “Half of who you are is your dad. You  might look like your mom and nothing like your dad but you still are half your dad.  And if I hadn’t had your dad, then you wouldn’t be half of who you are and you definitely wouldn’t be Keira Cheyenne Polman”
She looked like she was confused.
I said “It just is this simple, I am your grandma because I am your dad’s mom.  Papa just wanted you to say Happy Mother’s day to me, because your dad isn’t here to say it”
And she was content with that.
For a five-year old, she sure is a thinker.

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quote for the day   Leave a comment

Pleasure comes from without, and joy come from within,

and it is, therefore, within reach of everyone in the world

Bishop Fulton J. Sheen

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