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here we are, sitting on Friday again.

the week went fairly fast.

and of course the weekend will go faster

I have no great plans for the weekend other than working in my yard and watching my grand daughters tomorrow night and till noon on Sunday.

Sunday is Mother’s day and my youngest daughter gave me two dozen roses yesterday, which was awfully sweet of her

I must get a rein on this diet thing, because in 11 weeks we will be in Florida and I don’t want to look like a beached whale when I am there.

it will be bad enough I will be a white person among all those tan people.

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Rocky Mountain High   Leave a comment

way up high in Alaska there stands this mountain and National Park.
I long to visit there and hope I get to before I die.
Denali National Park…….is calling me……..

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I had this crazy dream in the wee hours before I got up this morning.
I dreamt I was visiting a mansion with some friends

the thing of it is, as I dreamt it, I honestly felt like I had been there before.
Well anyone who knows me, knows I was a child of welfare and there is no way I would ever have come from living in a mansion.

yet in the dream I knew every nook and corner of the mansion and could tell stories and details.

I woke up thinking, how odd?

and while I took my bath and got ready for work I thought to myself, Reincarnation?
I have always believed in reincarnation.

I sort of like to think I lived before in a time where there was no cars or electricity or any of our modern convinces.

Of course it could be I just dreamt of this mansion before and that is why it is so familiar now.

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There is only one way to happiness and that is to cease worrying about things which are beyond the power of our will


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