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the good and the bad   Leave a comment

it was a good week off because I got to have some alone time, and grandchildren time and my sisters spoiled me rotten with their gifts yesterday when we had my birthday.

the boys and Emily got me a water fountain for my deck which is quite nice and my husband got me three roses.

the bad part of the week was the weather.

Friday was exceptional but the rest of the week was cold and rainy for the most part.

that stunk.


now that work is upon me again tomorrow I have to be diligent and work hard and get some bills paid.

my credit card dept is off the charts and I need to reign in and get that under control.

even thought of getting a part-time second job, but nixed that idea because it is summer time and I want to be enjoying it with my grandchildren, not stuck inside somewhere working.

I just need to cut back on the spending.

and I will.


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