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I read an article on the internet yesterday about a woman who says the word “Can’t” isn’t in her vocabulary. 
She refuses to give into the thought that she can not do anything she wants to do.

and I have to wonder, doesn’t she have anyone she is responsible for?
No children or husband?
no one to think of before herself?

Saying I can’t do something usually means because in doing it I have to give up something else.

weather that is time spent with a loved one, or respecting their wishes and not doing what I would want to do.

I can’t travel the United States like I would like to, mainly due to money but also because my husband wouldn’t understand my need to roam and he sure wouldn’t do it with me.

saying I can’t do something usually means there are restrictions on it.

I would love to meet this woman who says “Can’t ” isn’t in her vocabulary

I really would.
and I would love to know how she got to be able to do whatever she wants, without regard to anyone else.

Posted April 10, 2012 by Marge in ramblings

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