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my daughter is slowly making her way back to her son’s father.
I am so hopeful that she will realize she wants and needs him in her life and they can make it work for my grandson.

I am quite sure if she set her mind to this, it could work.

relationships are constant work.

if anyone tells you differently than they must not be living in the real world.


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I was awaken last night around one am, due to thunder and lightning.

it was great to see.

everything is plush and green but we needed the rain.


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5) It is Friday, need I say more?
4) I can sleep later than four thirty tomorrow morning!
3)We get Aaron back this weekend for a full week

2) I get to share lunch with an old friend today

and the number one thing today that makes my day a keeper!
I got to spend some time with all four grandkids and three of my four children last night.

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okay it isn’t snowing but it is cooler than what we have had for the last couple of weeks.
I know we are spoiled here in Iowa from all of this great weather but I actually had to wear a coat today and we have the heat back on at nights at home.

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my very favorite day of the week is finally here!

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