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supper at my house   Leave a comment

tonight all the kids will be at our house for supper.  (With the exception of Paula)
I even get to see all four grandchildren as well.
Which thrills me to pieces!

I cooked up the chicken last night for the fajitas tonight and cut the green peppers and onions and tomatoes.

I hope it will be as excellent as usual.
It will be a fun family time which I ALWAYS enjoy!

  (and grandchildren too!)


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spider bites   Leave a comment

I don’t think I mentioned I had to go to the doctor’s on Monday due to sores on my leg that kept getting worse

my doctor said they were spider bites, that got infected.

let me tell you, it is an ugly thing.

Plus my calve and ankle are swelling up now as well.

I think the actual sores are getting better.

at least I hope so.
It is ugly.

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True Friends   Leave a comment

I know I have hit on this subject before.
Who really has true friends?
friends that will help you out without asking for anything in return.

and who aren’t related to you in some way.

I have one.

I admire those people who have many friends.
I really do.
it is hard for me to maintain friendships.

and I have to  take my time getting to know someone before I really call them a friend

Maybe trust is a big issue for me?
I’m not sure what it is, but I find it hard to make friends and harder still to keep them, if that person chooses another job, or moves out-of-state or whatever.

they get busy with their lives and I get forgotten.

the one true friend I have I treasure.

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thought for the day……..   Leave a comment

well said.

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ouch!   Leave a comment

  my grandson has had his first owie this summer.

he was riding his three-wheeler  and fell down face first on the cement.

poor little guy.
I get to see him tonight and hopefully the pain will all be gone and he will be his happy self again.

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