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bath time for Max   Leave a comment

poor Max, I gave him a bath late yesterday afternoon and he was perfect as always but when I go to dry him off he won’t come near me.
Like I had hurt his feelings by forcing him to be clean.

He pouted and took the bath as some sort of punishment I guess.
but he wouldn’t come near me till almost bedtime three hours later, after he was all dry and had rolled around in the grass outside a time or two.


he is such a little love



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mini vacation   Leave a comment

a girlfriend of mine has asked me to go on a mini vacation with her sometime this summer.

not sure where we would go, but she wants to take a day or two away from it all.

I suggested Chicago, or Branson Missouri, maybe even the House on the Rock.
just some place with a short driving distance.

I will let her decide and I will just tag along since she is the one who wants to do it and has asked me to join her.


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someday   Leave a comment

someday I am going to be standing in this spot in California and take my own picture of the Golden Gate Bridge.
Until then I borrowed my niece’s daughter’s picture…..


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Monday blahs   Leave a comment

another stinking Monday

I know, we have to have a Monday to get to a Friday but still.
The weekend just was not long enough.

Of course it rained most of the day on Saturday so that just felt like a wash out day to me.

and we had the girls so that was time-consuming with them and not a lot got done.

my house did not get cleaned so I will have to work on that this week in the evenings.

I did get the front porch painted so that is good anyway.

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