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Spring time!   Leave a comment

the rain is falling making mud puddles and wet grass and unsavory conditions for letting my puppy outside to play or go the bathroom

of course he dries off but for a while he has four muddy wet paws, that I am constantly wiping off.

on another note though, he does use the doggy door when he has to go to the bathroom.


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99 years, eleven months and 21 days from this date   Leave a comment

odd to me how something that happened  almost a hundred years ago, is still so news worthy and continues to hit the magazine covers, papers and internet.

Yes it will be one hundred years, in 21 days, that the great ship Titanic sank at the bottom of the ocean.

a tragedy to be sure

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Hunger Games   Leave a comment

so last week my youngest sister asked if anyone had read this book, the Hunger Games

she said she had a very hard time putting it down

so I went out and bought the trilogy

I read the first one in a  day’s time.
I just finished the second one, and it took me less than two days to read it.
Now I am starting the third one
I have to say the words just flow, the plot is never boring and the story is so well written it is like I am right there, living it all with the main character Katniss

the books are more for pre teens, but I am enjoying them immensely.

hopefully I will see the movie this weekend.

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so very little sleep   Leave a comment


that is all I know to say
I have been having trouble sleeping at night.

this has been going on for weeks.

I get up between two and three to let Max out and then I can’t get back to sleep afterwards.
I got up at 4:10 this morning simply because I was tired of tossing and turning.

now though I feel like I could nap again.


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