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just finished the first book of the “Hunger Games” it was good.
not wonderful and not at all sure what the big hoopla is about them, but it was a decent read.

of course it is all based on the future and what life is like then

a lot of impossible things happening in the book that wouldn’t happen in real life.

but it is sort of a science fiction book so I guess, like most other sci-fi books and or movies you have to take it in that context.



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my brother’s first wife is in this picture.
I am quite sure she set her camera on something to take this picture of herself as she is looking at this beautiful scenery

Joann is traveling the west half of the United States by herself.
She has been doing this for the last five months.
Oh she flew home for her daughter’s wedding but she is enjoying herself immensely just traveling the good old USA

I have to say I envy her.
I would love to do this.
Not  by myself  per say but I would love to just get on the road and travel.
of course my husband would never agree to sell our home and just live on the bare necessities  and travel like Joann is.
Still what a wonderful way to see the US


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