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Monday again   Leave a comment

I do have to say out of every day of the week, this one is my least favorite.
unless of course I am not here, or I am on vacation somewhere.

Have a full week ahead of me that may or may not be affected by Jury Duty.
I have to call tomorrow night and see if I am one of the lucky ones to be selected to miss a day of work and sit at the court-house until they decide weather or not I can be useful for them.
Last time I did this, going on ten or more years ago, they didn’t use me for the trial.

the whole thing is interesting and I wouldn’t mind sitting through a trail just to see how it all works, but then again if they don’t call my number, that is alright too.

Dancing with the stars starts tonight.
one of my favorite TV programs.
I sort of have lost interest in American Idol, and rarely watch it.

I think it has gone down hill since Paula and Simon left it.

Anyway…..hope to see Aaron tonight and the girls later this week.
Chances of rain every day which will make everything nice and green.

So love Spring.


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