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I started working out yesterday and I have to say, this old fat body, is so out of shape.

My calves and thighs and knees are really feeling the pain today from working out yesterday.

needless to say I am overweight and disgusting to look out.
I need to lose sixty pounds.
but I would be happy losing fifty.

Such a long road head………



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Happy Birthday Mom   Leave a comment

my mother would have been 85 today, had she lived.
She will be gone 20 years next month.
Hard to believe.

that is a long time ago.

I don’t think of her every day like I use to.
I actually looked at a picture of her this morning, while getting dressed and thinking…..she must have been about 63 or 64 when the picture was taken.

not too long before she passed.

the older I get the more I think I look like her.

I miss her sometimes more than others.
She was a foundation that I lost.

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well I got quite a bit done yesterday here at work.

today is day two without the kids and staff.

love it like this but the kids have to come back and mess everything up otherwise I wouldn’t have anything to do.

have more walls to scrub today.

and it is supposed to be 75 out so I definitely will be sitting out in the sunshine later for lunch

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