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I thank you Lord   Leave a comment

every day I wake up and I thank you Lord.

for the ability to be healthy and happy and that all my children and grandchildren and husband are all well.

I thank You Lord  that my siblings are all well enough to make it through another day

I thank You Lord for my home, my country and for my job

For giving me the wonderful family that I have and for blessing me with the riches You have given to me.

Thank You Lord for everything.
It is in Your son Jesus Christ’s name I pray


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investigating   Leave a comment

I am going to have to start investigating……because I wonder if I am not lactose intolerant?
I have stomach aches and bloating every time I drink milk………

hmm…I best get on the web and see what it says………….

according to them I have all the symptoms except diaherra and vomiting
Maybe I should cut it out of my diet for a few days and see if that makes it better?

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not without you   Leave a comment

so when my husband and I were in Florida in December we talked about buying a place there on the beach, to be our winter home.

coming back to Iowa once or twice to see the kids and grandkids.

he said to me down there, and he has said it since we have been home, that  if he dies first I can buy the condo and enjoy my retirement years in Florida.
I said then and I say it now.
“not without you”
It wouldn’t be the same if he wasn’t there loving the ocean and the peaceful restful life in Florida.

Now would be a great time to buy, but I can’t seem to convince him of that.

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Put on a smile   Leave a comment

wipe my tears, don’t let them see me cry

be upbeat and happy and do anything but lie

pretend it is alright

cry my tears at night

don’t let on how much it hurts

who cares if you get treated like dirt

wipe away the tears

put on a smile

it will all be alright in a little while

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Happy Birthday Paula   Leave a comment

my oldest child, (Second in from the right) is 33 today

I remember giving birth to her like it was yesterday

She was a happy child, a glowing child,  and she has grown to be a very beautiful woman.

I miss her and wish we were closer, but she doesn’t want it that way so I will stay on the sidelines of her life, and wait to see if that ever changes.

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