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 this is me, sitting here at Rocky Mountain National Park last September, and I wish I could go back to this moment in time.
one reason, the biggest is, I would change a few things about this vacation.  I loved going to Colorado though and am lucky to have experienced it.

After changing a few things in September, I would have made a different choice to go and see my sister Linda.  I should have gone with my eldest sister Carolyn to see her, before she got sick, not just the few hours before she died.
I wish I could change that.

Events that happened with my youngest child that made her break up with her boyfriend and the father of her son, I wish she had confided in me more and Adam would have changed more so that they could have made it work.
But unfortunately we can’t make our children choose what we want from them

I made a dumb turn back in February that I wish I could erase, but unfortunately I can’t.
Live and learn I guess.

so many things in the past I regret and while I have forgiven myself and moved forward, I still feel that tinge of “ugh” when I think of the past.


Posted March 7, 2012 by Marge in heartfelt, ramblings

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