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sick children   Leave a comment

here are three of my four children

Brian is on the left, than Matt than Emily

Brian is the oldest of the three and Emily is the youngest.

Brian has hurt his back and isn’t feeling well and Emily has been having stomach issues for a few days now.
I keep telling her to go to the doctor, but so far she keeps putting it off.

I will have to text Matt and ask him how he is feeling.


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love story   Leave a comment

   I have been writing this love story for a time now.  (this photo reminds me of it)

and I have gotten the first ten chapters written and I am stuck.
I know where I want it to go, I have it all outlined down to the last-minute, but I can’t seem to move forward with it.
Or with any of the thirty plus stories I have going


I have had this writers block for months now.
Hate it

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Lone Wolf revisited   Leave a comment

I finished Jodi Picoult’s “Lone Wolf” yesterday and I have to say it was exceptionally good.
I will have to let my sister Kathy read it since she is such a lover of wolves.

Come to find out at the end of the book that there is really a man who went to live with the wolves for two years.
he has a website called
The Wolf Centre

and to get there log on to


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dock of the bay   Leave a comment

sitting here resting my bones, and this loneliness won’t leave me alone

two thousand miles I roam, just to make this dock my home

yeah, I’m just sitting on the dock of the bay, watching the clouds roll away……

mmmmhmmm….I’m sitting on the dock of the bay, wasting time…….

Looks like, nothing’s going to change.

everything remains the same

I can’t take people telling me what to do, so I guess I will remain the same

this song keeps rolling around in my head.

not sure why, but it is there today……..

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Ever wish you could turn the clock back?   Leave a comment

 this is me, sitting here at Rocky Mountain National Park last September, and I wish I could go back to this moment in time.
one reason, the biggest is, I would change a few things about this vacation.  I loved going to Colorado though and am lucky to have experienced it.

After changing a few things in September, I would have made a different choice to go and see my sister Linda.  I should have gone with my eldest sister Carolyn to see her, before she got sick, not just the few hours before she died.
I wish I could change that.

Events that happened with my youngest child that made her break up with her boyfriend and the father of her son, I wish she had confided in me more and Adam would have changed more so that they could have made it work.
But unfortunately we can’t make our children choose what we want from them

I made a dumb turn back in February that I wish I could erase, but unfortunately I can’t.
Live and learn I guess.

so many things in the past I regret and while I have forgiven myself and moved forward, I still feel that tinge of “ugh” when I think of the past.

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it’s alive!   Leave a comment

  I look at this picture and think how neat it would be to be filming this.
I am sure it would be quite warm as well.
I also look at it and think of that movie “The Blog” and how it had in big bold letters on the screen “It’s alive!”


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33 years ago today   Leave a comment

Here in about six hours I will have started contractions for the birth of my first child.
She was born at twelve fifty-two am on March 8th (tomorrow)

Hard to believe it has been 33 years.
She is a grown woman, a lovely woman who seems to be extremely happy with herself.
Which of course makes me happy.

I would love to see more of her than I do, but of course that has to be up to her.
We are still on precarious ground and I don’t want to do anything to upset that.

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flowers are thinking it is spring   Leave a comment

and while they aren’t blooming yet, they are about an inch out of the ground.
It is too early and they will probably die before they actually get to bloom

  I’m quite sure winter isn’t done with us yet.

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my little man and me   Leave a comment

when I got off of work yesterday it was 72 degrees outside.
how wonderful!
Definitely wish this kind of weather would stick around.

Anyway Aaron and I went outside to play and even took Max and went on a walk around the block.
Max wasn’t that into walking on a leash and I carried him part of the time, but Aaron walked by himself and occasionally said to me “Nana I need your hand” And I would give it to him so he  could walk up a little hill on our walk and then he would let go and say “no hand Nana”  and then a little bit later he would say “Nana I need your hand” and we would hold hands while we walked behind someone’s parked car in their driveway, but blocking the sidewalk.

I love this little boy so much!
I can’t even put into words how special he is to me.

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blessed woman   Leave a comment

my best friend in this entire world is the man I am married to.
He is sweet and funny and incredibly smart

I love him dearly

of course my children and grandchildren are my world too.
With the exception of God, there is nothing on this earth as precious to me as my family and husband.

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