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while it is warm out   Leave a comment

tonight we are going to go to my son’s house so that my husband can work on the plumbing.
he has waited for this warm sixty degree day to do it as some of the work is going to be outside.

so I will get to see Mirielle today

I haven’t seen her since last Thursday

And while they use to come to our house every evening Monday through Friday, they don’t now due to having the house and a new puppy to take care of.


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dance to the music   Leave a comment

at the end of the movie Shrek, there is a dancing scene where my grand daughters, Keira and Kayla love to dance to it.
Here is a picture of them last Saturday night doing just that.
They bring me such joy and sometimes they are so dang cute I get tears in my eyes because I am so blessed.

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Kayla’s eyes   Leave a comment

can you see it?  She is full of mischief and as ornery as can be.

she took this picture of herself, and while it is different and doesn’t show her beautiful little face, I think you can see how ornery she is, in her eyes.

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my little man   Leave a comment

my wonderful incredibly smart grandson played in the snow out on our deck yesterday afternoon.

he loved it until his hands got too cold
I have bought him two pairs of gloves but he doesn’t like to keep them on.

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what to say today?   Leave a comment

here we are sitting on Tuesday.
Wish it was Friday myself, but for no other reason then to have two days away from here.

Next week is spring break in Iowa City, so that means I can clean and it will stay clean.

that is something really nice, in my line of work.

we get the 16th off, which will give me a three-day weekend, which will be nice as well.

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