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my love of water   Leave a comment

it doesn’t matter where I am, I yearn to be near the water.


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too soon   Leave a comment

due to the warmer weather we have had these past few weeks and what we are expected to have tomorrow, my poor bulbs are extremely confused and some are starting to come up.
which is way too soon

and the problem with the is, they will die again and when it is time for them to come up, they won’t.

darn it.

I love spring and the promise of a new beginning, a fresh start, but I don’t want it too warm to make the flowers think spring is here, if we still have more winter to get through.


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my weekend   Leave a comment

my weekend was spent mostly with grandchildren.
I do so love them all so much

We had Keira and Kayla Friday night for a while and then Saturday night over night and Sunday till noon.
Then Aaron was there with Emily and they stayed till almost four thirty.

so needless to say I didn’t have much down time.
I love my family and grandchildren immensely, but here it is Monday morning again, and the weekend looks really far away.
But I am truly blessed and I know it.

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Beauty   Leave a comment

this brings to mind a comment my brother-in-law’s ex-wife, significant other said the other day.
I wonder why people have to be so rude?
Rude to the point of being snobbish?
I always knew a little of her went along way with me, but this only proves it all over again.
It cost’s nothing to be nice to someone…

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Enough already   Leave a comment

while I realize we have had a very mild winter in Iowa, I am ready for Winter to leave us and for Spring to come

I just spent two hours outside shoveling snow and putting down ice melt.

it is 9 degrees out there!

And tomorrow it is supposed to be near 62 degrees.
only in Iowa can the weather change like this.

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