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Max is doing so well.
he goes to the back door and whines when he wants to go out to go potty, (and hasn’t gone in the house for almost two whole days) he climbs steps, he jumps up on the couch and jumps down again.

he is doing better with the biting (although he bit Kayla in the nose last night) and he seems to be content and a happy boy.
I love him dearly.
he likes to cuddle and play and I just think he is a wonderful addition to our family.


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God bless   Leave a comment

God bless all those who have suffered from the tornadoes that have hit in the south and east these last few days.
May those who have lost so much turn to the Lord to find peace.

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2 years ago today   Leave a comment

two years ago today my husband lost his best friend.
He was changing a tire on his daughter’s car and went to get back into his truck and had a heart attack and died.

Jim was a nice man, a good guy and one of those people who would do anything for anyone.

My husband really misses him.


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one day I am going to be standing here and taking my own pictures of this lake.
I have such a yearning to travel and explore every inch of the west side of the United States.
From Texas, to California up to Alaska, over to the Dakotas and back down towards Texas again.
Some day I will get this done.

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sitting here riding rainbows in my mind   Leave a comment

so I think I probably won’t be going to Arizona in May over my birthday mainly because I have some bills I need to pay off before my husband retires in July and spending a thousand or two, going to Arizona just doesn’t seem like the smartest move to make.
I am still taking the time off of work, and hopefully will get some rest and relaxation in that time and I hope it is warm and tanning weather as well.


We are still going to Florida in July, those tickets are bought and my husband is excited about going

he loves the ocean.


I’m sitting here waiting for my girls to come, once they are here, the time is no longer mine, it is all about them.

which is okay.
I love them dearly!

and tomorrow we get Aaron back.
I can’t wait.

it has been a week since I have seen him.
I miss him so much.

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