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missing my grandchildren   Leave a comment

  due to the conflicts between his parents, I haven’t seen Aaron since last Sunday and won’t get to again till this Saturday.
I miss my little man a lot.

         Miss Kayla Renae, owns my heart in the palm of her hand and I miss that little attitude she has and her warm hugs and kisses

and my darling Keira Cheyenne, with her quiet way about her and her little mind always thinking…..I miss just looking at her beautiful delicate little face and knowing how life is treating her

               and even Mirielle who I use to see every day, I don’t hardly see at all, due to her getting a puppy and having their new house and being busy with their lives and not visiting as often.

they are a huge part of who I am, and I feel like a big part of myself is missing when I don’t see them very often.

Thank you God, for these four remarkable little people.



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the oddness of Iowa weather   Leave a comment

Monday it was a balmy 55, Tuesday it was colder, yesterday was a lot of wind and a bit of snow

today it is supposed to be balmy and almost 55 again

and then tomorrow……………

you got it, freezing rain and snow again!

The oddness of winter never stops amazing me.


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a new month, already!   Leave a comment

Here we are, sitting on March 1st.
hard to believe.
Where does the time go?
I have been home from Florida for almost  two months and honestly it feels like it has been a lot longer than that, but yet it ways it doesn’t.
(I can’t wait to go back again in July)

My eldest child will be 33 on March 8th

  and her sister will be 23 on March 15th.
My sister Kathy will be 49 on March 15th also.

And then the birthday’s will be done for a while again.


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I have fallen in love all over again   Leave a comment

through God anything is possible.
Don’t let anyone tell you differently.

Through the grace of God I have fallen in love again with my husband.
we are closer than we have been for years

we can talk and express our feelings and not have the bitterness and coldness of the past few years.

Thank you Lord for all the blessings you have given me.

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like mother like daughter   Leave a comment

the apple really doesn’t fall far from the tree and it is a sad thing.

my daughter isn’t so innocent in her breakup as we had thought.
and it is sad to see her make the same mistakes I made.

I am quite certain one day she will regret all of this, but by then it will be too late.
My husband even said she will come to us one day and say “Why didn’t you stop me?  Why did you let me do this?”
Like we can control her.

it is painful to see her make such dumb mistakes, but she is 22, and immature in a lot of ways.

and hopefully one day she will grow up and do better by those who love her.

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