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I was in bed by seven forty-five last night, due to not sleeping well at all on Sunday night.
I watched the Oscars and was in bed by eleven that night but I got up at two to let Max out and I never got to sleep after that.

and I worked hard yesterday as I always do when there are no kids here at the school.

So I was in bed early than got up at midnight to let Max out and slept straight through till five this morning.
What a good feeling to be rested.

today there is parent teacher conferences all day so there will be people in and out of here

the only thing I have to do is clean the gym and kitchen floors

and that will take me about an hour or so.

then I will be looking for things to do because as I said, people will be in and out all day and that leaves a lot of places I can’t get to and keep clean.

still having a relaxing day is nice as well.

I still long for warmer temperatures and a lot of sunshine, but I guess since we aren’t even into March yet, I shouldn’t complain.

Posted February 28, 2012 by Marge in ramblings

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