the devil is riding on my back   Leave a comment

I’ve come to the conclusion it is the devil playing havoc with my emotions and my being discontent.

he is riding my back, hanging on for dear life yelling “YEE HAW!” as he if he thinks I am going to listen to him.
Wrong, not happening.

yes I was down and blue yesterday, wishing for that elusive dream

but today I am bound and determined to give that devil a kick in the pants and send him on his way.

I have too many things to be grateful for and happy about, to let the doom and gloom of the devil get me down.


Lord please lift me up and keep me flying positive!
Help me to always remember that there are so many people worse off than I am.
I have my health, my family is healthy, all my children are happy and have someone to share their lives with

I have four wonderful healthy grandchildren and a man who loves me.
My home is nice, I live in a place where I can live freely and my siblings are all doing well.

Please Lord keep me content and happy in all my blessings and keep me strong enough to keep the devil out of my heart and mind

in your son Jesus Christ’s name I pray Lord


Posted February 17, 2012 by Marge in family, God, heartfelt, my loves, ramblings

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