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since Keira has been in kindergarten she has had some run ins with a little girl who has been her friend and playmate since she was a small child.

this girl Sammy, is the daughter of a woman who is friends with Keira’s mother.

Anyway this Sammy is a popular girl who wants everything her way and tends to get it.
She is a leader and very confident in who she is and the other kids tend to gravitate towards her.

Keira is strong-willed too, but the two of them clash when Sammy wants to be the boss.
most of the girls in Keira’s small class of 20 want to be with Sammy because Sammy is the popular girl.

Every time I see her, I ask Keira how things are going with Sammy (If it is just Keira and Sammy, they get along  great, they even have stayed over night with each other)

usually Keira tells me that Sammy is rude and not nice
I have told Keira from day one, that she doesn’t need Sammy and that she is perfect all by herself and not to do something she doesn’t feel is right, just to be in Sammy’s little “group”

So yesterday when I saw her I asked how things were with Sammy
She says to me “Not good, Sammy is bossy and rude”
and I said “Okay, well you don’t need her, you are perfect all by yourself” And she said to me
“I play tag by myself.  My left leg chases me around and when it catches up with me, then it is my right leg that is “it” and it chases me around the playground”
I smiled and kissed her and thought, how wonderfully innocent she is.
My grandchildren are exceptional
And I am a very blessed woman

Posted February 13, 2012 by Marge in family, God, heartfelt, Keira, my loves, ramblings

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  1. How inventive and imaginative!

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