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not sure why but my blog page keeps encouraging me to write at least five blogs a day.

I wrote one and it said “Good Job! Only four to go!”
I write another and I get another “Good Job!  only three to go!”
And you get the idea.
So this is number 5

on another note

I’m rather discouraged with my diet.
I have been drinking fruit smoothies consisting of a cup of orange juice/one banana, and frozen strawberries with no sugar twice a day.

one for breakfast and one for lunch.
A whole week and I haven’t lost a pound!
ugh so frustrating.
I eat a normal meal the other meal.

I know I need to reve up my exercise program but really  not even one pound?
So frustrating!

My son should be signing his life away for his house later today.
A big five bedroom three car garage house.
It is quite nice and they are getting it for little or nothing due to it being foreclosed on.

my husband will have his hands full come warmer weather with all the things Brian’s wife wants him to do.
Namely put up a privacy fence in the back yard, and there will be re-wiring and of course plumbing to be done as well.
I always tease him that he has a second wife when Tonyia calls him about working on this or that.
He  just frowns.

tomorrow I am making Matt’s favorite meal for his birthday
Ham, mashed potatoes and gravy and whatever else I come up with.
Then we will have his girls over night while they go out for his birthday.

other than that no great plans for my weekend other than relaxing.

Happy Friday to all!

Posted January 13, 2012 by Marge in family, heartfelt, my loves, ramblings

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