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learning to let go   Leave a comment

You don’t have to say you love me

I already know you do

You don’t have to make me promises

when I know they will never come true

you don’t have to let me know you are thinking of me

I already know that you do

You just need to learn to let me go

And find someone else to love you


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children   Leave a comment

The four of them bring me such joy and I love all four of them very dearly.

Paula emailed me the other day, which is a treasured gift, even though she couldn’t bring herself to sign the email, “Love Paula” it was still very nice to hear from her.

My husband and I spent a few hours with Matt and his two girls last night.
It was enjoyable to talk to him and listen to him.
he has a very good head on his shoulders and is a good man.

Brian is still struggling with trying to get this house they want so badly.
I wish it was all easier for him.
But hopefully it will all pan out by the end of January.

Emily is aloof and wanting to be unattached and do what she wants without having to answer to anyone.
I understand that she is 22 and quite young.
But I wish she would have figured a few things out before she had Aaron.
All her decisions affect that little boy and it pains me to see her being selfish.

I realize I am not perfect and have made hundreds of mistakes.
I just wish things were easier for my children.
And as a mother, I am quite sure there are millions of women in this world who wish the same for their children.

I am a blessed woman.

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