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awesome drawings by Julian Beever   Leave a comment

  amazing that this man can make these three-dimensional drawings on a sidewalk

what an amazing talent

I think I would be doing the sides of buildings more than sidewalks, but this man should be rich, if he isn’t already, with this talent that he has

I would love to have  his talent

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too cute   Leave a comment

for years my youngest son would tease his little sister that she was adopted.

she is the only one in my family who is left-handed and he would tell her for years that she was adopted, that was why she was left-handed

and for years she would cry because she believed him.

finally after hundreds of talks she finally got it, he was only saying that to get a reaction out of her.
to make her cry

and when she stopped giving him a reaction, he quit saying it.

Although I do think he teased her not so long ago that she was adopted.


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cold and snowy again   Leave a comment

it snowed again.

an inch in some places and barely nothing in others.
It is cold and quite possibly winter is here, despite what day the calendar says it is.

(December 21st is the first official day of winter)

I just came in from outside to sweep the snow off the sidewalks, steps and put some sand down so no one will fall.

I love winter, don’t get me wrong, but I hate being out there shoveling and dealing with icy conditions.
I know, I need a new job.

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